• Hi there!  This is DJ Phil Austin, owner of djlimaohio.com.  I truly appreciate you coming to our site!  I would love to be a part of your big event!  It is hard to believe that I have been at this DJ thing now for 38 years.  I thought I’d share a little bit about my career.

    You see, I started my business in 1984 with a couple of my friends, all of us from Allen East High School.  I still remember that Allen East Jr. High dance on Friday, November 16, 1984 like it was yesterday!  I was 14, and a freshman in high school, while my partners were a little older and could actually drive.  We hauled all of the equipment over to the cafeteria (where they were holding the dance) and did a test run driving there in my buddies 1974 Malibu.  I remember him taking the curve coming out of town a little too fast, and me getting the turntable that I was carrying on my lap stuck between my leg and the steering wheel.  Luckily he got the car stopped before we went through that fence and into the Hughes’ swimming pool – LOL!

    Through my high school years, we became one of the most popular DJ services in the school circuit, playing for dances at Allen East, Perry, USV, Bath, Lima Sr., LCC, Kenton, Waynesfield, and Bluffton.  I went to many school’s proms before I was old enough to go to my own!  During this time, we always went to the Ohio Theatre teen nights, where we would get ideas of music to play.  I was in awe of the facility and especially the DJs, who were the first that I ever heard “beat-mix”.  I always dreamed of learning this technique and getting to play there, but I was certainly not at their level.

    During our high school days, pyrotechnics were big, and we got into using flash powder during our gigs as well.  We are lucky that we didn’t burn down a school or 2, looking back on this.  This was way before the Great White tragic night club fire.  I sure wouldn’t try this nowadays, but it was pretty cool in our teen years in the 80s.

    My older friends moved on, and I partnered with several others over the first few years.  We focused on owning the school dance scene in the area, and did just that.  As I got a little older, I began to realize that there was a huge demand for good DJs at Wedding Receptions and Parties, so I started building that part of my business.  Before I graduated high school, I became the favorite of a local car dealership owner who had dealerships all over West-Central Ohio.  I played for all of his kid’s birthday parties, and even did his company Christmas Party when I was 16.  I remember his daughter’s sweet 16 party, where she got to pick between the black, red, or gray BMW as her 16th birthday present.  What a huge show that was!  I am forever grateful to him for the incredible opportunity he gave me at an early age.

    Through my high school days, I always tried to get a job in radio, and got shot down every time.  For some reason, I couldn’t even get a job as a “button-pusher” at 92 Zoo, even though this was truly my passion.  I’m guessing my interviewing skills weren’t the best at that age!  Finally, when I got into my early 20s, I was given an opportunity at WKTN in Kenton, by Keith Gensheimer.  He gave me the 9-midnight shift, where I was the DJ as well as news person.  This started my radio career, and I owe him greatly for this opportunity!

    Since my start in Kenton, I have been on the air at stations of just about every format.  I was on the oldies station, 107.5 The Big Buck from 1992-1994.  in 1994, I got the opportunity to be on the station I dreamed of being on as a kid, 92 Zoo (Top 40).  I was working there, as well as Kiss FM(Top 40) in Columbus from 1994-1995.  During that time, I was club DJing at the Milano Club downtown Lima, the Rusty Nail, and was given an opportunity to DJ the Ohio Theatre, which I dreamed about as a teenager.   I returned to The Big Buck in 1995, and shortly after became the Program Director.  I became the Program Director of Mix 103.3, and built and launched that station in December of 1997.  Under Jacor, I then built and launched X 107.5(Active Rock) in August of 2002, and added Program Director duties there, while moving The Big Buck to 106.3.  In April of 2003 I built and launched Wild 93.9(Top 40), and became the Operations Manager of the 6 Jacor radio stations in Lima.

    In 2006 I was given an opportunity, and left the radio business to be the General Manager of a 50,000 square foot entertainment center in Fort Wayne being constructed.  It opened in 2007, and I was there for a couple of years when I left on great terms, but missed entertaining the masses in Lima and West-Central Ohio.

    I returned to the airwaves June of 2009 on 940 WCIT, flipping it to an Oldies format for a short time.  I was the Program Director there as well as Lite Rock 107.1.    I then went to afternoons on Lite Rock 107.1 in January of 2010.  I remained there until November of 2012.  Also, in April of 2011 I became the Operations Manager of Maverick Media, Lima (now Woof Boom Lima.

    In November, 2012, I took over as Program Director and Morning Host of 104.9 The Eagle! Then in 2018, we had the opportunity to put Bob and Tom on The Eagle, so we did that, and I began plotting an even bigger change on Fun 107.1.  In January of 2020, we launched PBR (Phil, Bob, and Rick) in the Morning, and this has been one of my most rewarding assignments to date.  I have a blast every morning with my co-hosts and all of West Central Ohio!

    Through all of this, I have maintained my mobile DJ business, and continue to book all sorts of events year round.  I would love to talk to you about your big event!  Give me a call at 419-604-8613 or email me: [email protected] 

    – Phil Austin