• Uplighting can provide a stunning effect to just about any hall.  Whether you are just lighting up the backdrop behind the head table, lighting the columns in the room, or going all out with lights every 10 feet around the entire perimeter of the room, we can provide a solution that will look incredible and have your guests buzzing! We will work with you to create the exact color mix that you are going for, complimenting your colors. Packages can be set up as a stand alone, or we can package them with our DJ services to save you some money, vs. hiring a DJ AND getting uplighting from separate vendors.


    Uplighting can come from any color in the rainbow, and different lights can be programmed for different colors.  Maybe you just one one color around the room.  Done.  Maybe you’d like your uplighting to have a mix of 2 colors.  No problem.  Maybe 5 different colors, or a slow fading pattern changing patterns by the second.  We can do it.


    Our lights are all LED based, and programmable in a moment’s notice to make the room look exactly as you envisioned it.  Any LED light is able to be programmed to be any color, to be static, flash, or fade.  We can give your event the exact ambiance you desire with just the touch a a couple of buttons on each uplighting fixture.   LEDs minimize the fire hazard caused by older technology, as they are are cool to the touch and consume very little power.  Older PAR cans use high powered incandescent bulbs, are very hot to the touch, and draw a much higher amount of current.


    Please take a look at many of the different layouts available by clicking below.  These are just a few of the endless possibilities available from djlimaohio.com.

    Uplighting Gallery